Teacher's Background

I have been teaching since 2005, since then conducted classes in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Penang. I am currently based here in Penang. My studio is located in Greenlane. I recently graduated in 2016 with a degree in Psychology at Wawasan Open University and got married to a wonderful man the same year. I opened my studio in 2008 and only had 2 students then. My yoga classes have grown since then. I currently teach at hotels, gyms and at my own studio 4 times a week. I am what you call a people person, I love to talk and to listen. I love stories. I think everyone has a story to tell. People come to their mats with stories to tell, sort out or leave behind. It's always about a story. I as a teacher, I listen, understand and let your story be whatever you want it to be. My message to you is that "You are enough". At Nirmaya Yoga, we practice positive psychology , that means giving students unconditional positive regard to their weaknesses and strengths. They know that its ok to fail, be absolutely terrible at yoga, and everyone at the studio is like family. We accept people completely for who they are. It doesn't matter what they do, because acceptance, kindness and self love are values we like to spread here at Nirmaya Yoga.