Thursday, October 12, 2017

Studio is closed from October 12 - November 3 2017

Dear yogis, 

Nirmaya Yoga will be closed during the above mentioned dates for energy renewal and relaxation. We hope to see you starting November 6th when we reopen our doors. 

Namaste and Thank You.

Michelle Quah Marigo 
Yoga instructor and owner 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Of Yogis, Unicorns and Mermaids

Some people prefer to imagine that they are unicorns and /or mermaids. To be something special, unique, totally out of the ordinary. Sorry, I've got news for you. You are not special. I don't know about you, but Google seems to think that I need to buy that Ariel inspired blanket or buy those unicorn inspired makeup brushes. I see hashtags, clothing, shoes, phone covers, inflatables in shapes of mermaids and unicorns. Oh my god, I don't understand this. Is life so horrible that you want to be someone/something else? And media is totally crushing the self esteem of young adults everywhere that they need to be this sea god/goddess or mythical creature to be special. To be important. There was a young man who said to me, I want to be a unicorn, it allows me to feel my pain of not being able to connect with anyone worthy of me. Perhaps it was his way of feeling special. 

Can you see how much unhappiness there is in being someone/something you are not? IF you like to wallow in pain by masking it with mermaid scales and unicorn inspired lipstick, I guess go ahead then. If you're one of those people who use mythical masks to cover how you truly feel, then I suggest you see a therapist this instant. You could say the latest generation wear their emotions on their sleeves, with tonnes of emojis out there, what's not to feel, right? Wrong. People are losing the ability to connect with each other, let alone to know how one feels or even communicate how you feel to another person. I worry for the future of the people. 

Yoga allows you to get in touch with you you really are. And that is really god damn scary. Maybe that's why I don't have a lot of young people come in to my classes. Maybe they want to be someone completely different from themselves. I fear the future of these youngsters who don't want to know themselves better. Not just their future but the future of our country and such. Excuse me if I start to sound like an old hag, but seriously, can someone please explain to me why it's so appealing to be something other than you are? You could say my teachings and values are old school, but I think these values are evergreen. Only when one starts to know oneself, only can one start to love oneself. Youngsters who only believe they are special by pretending they have mermaid lives, are also severely entitled, no thanks to their parents doing well, having no time to communicate what self love is to their children. There is so much self hate going on these days, and it manifests as a desire to be something/someone completely different from who they really are.

What has happened to the respect of oneself and love for oneself, no matter the circumstances?  I do not disagree that self improvement is great, but changing your true nature and true self is murder. The media is lapping it up, and the young adults love it! Sales skyrocket the moment you mention mermaid or unicorn. But it's murder of thyself. IF you take it too seriously. 

When my students come to class, I allow them to be themselves on the mat, and no one else. Egos are checked at the door. Insecurities come apart as unconditional love and acceptance flows within the practice. There is no need to hide or feel a lack of anything. You are enough. I celebrate when my students are awful, I celebrate when my students are great. There is no such thing as 'you suck at this'. MY message to yogis and further yogis out there is that, come to know yourself, and let the love flow. I know my students on a personal level, and I teach better when I know where they are in their life, and I think it's a dying art of communication. When was the last time you had a real conversation with a friend? When was the last time you were honest with a family member?

So if you're thinking of unmasking yourself, I dare you to come take a class at my studio. OR just be a secretly unhappy mermaid/unicorn. 

To my students, all my love and hold on to that hope of shedding your skins as you continue to practice with me. 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Nirmaya is closed from March 3- March 6

Classes will be cancelled from March 3 - March 6 2017. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

New Beginner Classes!

Hi all newbies! If you have absolutely never tried yoga. The time is now! 

Nirmaya Yoga is offering beginner classes every Tuesday 6-7pm! 

Classes start 14th March 2017! 

Call: 0164911685 Michelle for inquiries 

Price: RM425 for 3 months 
          (Introduction to Yoga)

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Year End Promotion!!!

From 1-8th December 2016
Purchase a 1 week pass to yoga classes at Nirmaya Yoga for only RM60. For new comers only.

Unsure if yoga is for you, try it out for a week and see. Don't like it, walk away. No questions asked. Drop in on 1st December, to qualify for this treat.

Schedule 1-8th December 2016

Monday 7.30-8.30pm
Wednesday 7.30-8.30pm
Thursday 7.30-8.30pm
Saturday 9.15am-10.15am


Nirmaya Yoga
8, Jalan Kennedy, 11600, Greenlane, Penang
(We are behind the Carl Corrynton Medical Centre)

Style: Hatha Yoga

Contact: Michelle Quah 0164911685

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Announcing - Beginner Classes in January 2016

Nirmaya Yoga will start beginner yoga classes starting January 2016 to March 2016.

Classes will be twice a week:

Monday 3-4pm
Wednesday 3-4pm

Fees:  RM120 per month per person (3 months fees are collected in advance )

We have 8 spots open.

This beginner course runs for 3 months, then you may be eligible to join the regular Nirmaya classes for intermediate to advanced students. 

You may purchase your own new mat for RM 60 and yoga block for RM25. Available at Nirmaya Yoga.

To book a spot, kindly deposit RM50 to secure a place in the beginner class. Payment details will be given to proceed.

Email me at 

Call Michelle at 0164911685 for more info

Monday, June 29, 2015

Latest class fees - effective 1 March 2016

Monthly (unlimited) -RM170
Nirmaya Yoga takes 3 months payment at a time. Total is RM510 to start classes. Registration is free.

Drop in class RM30 per pax

Package of 10 classes - RM250 (usable within 2 months from purchase date)

Latest class schedule is as below

Monday - 7.15pm to 8.30pm
Wednesday - 7.15pm to 8.30pm
Thursday - 7.15pm to 8.30pm
Saturday - 9am to 10.15am

All classes are multilevel.
However, if you are pregnant or have recently undergone surgery, please inform the teacher.

For further inquiries, call Michelle at 0164911685

Monday, March 17, 2014

Suzanne Morgan from Penang Spirit Interviews Nirmaya Yoga

How did you first get interested in yoga?

I was facing a rough patch in my life in 2004, I had a broken relationship and was lost. I happened to stumble upon some yoga classes at the gym, and I threw myself completely into it. I haven't been away from yoga ever since.

How did you get into teaching? (can you include details of your training and the style of yoga that you teach).

I trained with Sun Yoga KL in 2005. My training lasted 4 months, full time learning, and I taught classes in KL as part of my training. It was per-requisite of my school's modules to graduate. I was trained in Hatha by Dr. Jacqueline Koay and Ashtanga inspired Flow by the late Vincent Tam. Currently, my style of teaching is an eclectic mix of styles, pulling from sources like Anusara, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Yin and Vinyasa. But I particularly enjoy the Anusara style of yoga.

Do you specialise in any particular areas, e.g. pregnancy, retreats etc.

I specialize in combining yoga and psychology, being a psychology major. Using specific psychology methods of overcoming fear, addressing issues and mental blocks is what I do best while combining it with the physical yoga practice for better understanding of one's body and breath.

What do you love most about teaching yoga?

I love that people always surprise me when they're on their mats and in turn they teach me about being a better person and teacher for them. I love the way I get to inspire others and touch other people's lives. When I cease to exist anymore, I will know that people will still remember me in their hearts.

What, in your opinion, are the primary benefits of practising yoga?

 Its a great form of anger management and soothes mild depression, in other words, it brings joy to the practitioner and joy in the practice itself

What advice would you give for people who have never tried yoga?

"How do you explain the sweetness of honey if one has never tasted it before?"

What is your favourite asana?

Its a toss up between Downward facing dog and Chaturanga

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

To teach is to serve

To teach is to serve. I became a yoga instructor with the sole purpose of serving my students. They entrust me with their bodies, mind and breath and in turn I give them all I have to offer, and all I know, if not more. Along with that, comes a responsibility of seeing that your students grow, learn and to be able to see themselves in a different way, to make their own lives better, to bring forth the feeling of hope and joy. My students come to class looking for answers in life, even if they don't know it. I don't have the answers for them ready at hand, neither do I claim to have all the answers to all their questions but I do have the passion to show them ways to understand themselves more on and off the mat, which also sometimes leads to the answers they have been searching for.

A great philosopher Osho once said, when the student is ready, the master will appear. I like to think that I took this to heart when I approached my student Evan(name has been altered to protect my student's identity) at the end of class. I felt like it went a little like this, when a student offers himself up to a higher power, a path will appear. I took my chances with Evan, because earlier in the month before, he had disclosed to me he had sleeping problems and the inability to shut his mind off at bedtime. For me, what I had experienced with Evan in the same room as I, sent frightening chills down my spine. I guess I was detecting his subconscious energy which is released during a physical practice. When students entrust me with their bodies, this is what happens... I sense things. I pick up on the finer details, unseen. Its an energy I feel so intense that I know what my student is feeling at that point. And with Evan, it was anger, searing anger, if not hatred or worse contempt. It really scared me. I knew the anger was not directed at me. It was pent up in him and  it was "screaming" in my face. It was Evan's tumultuous silent cry for help, and perhaps he didn't even realize it.

Then I reminded myself, I'm there to serve my students. And for me, what better way to serve my students in offering my effort towards a higher power. I love the fact that I can combine what I know from psychology study and being a yoga teacher for the past 9 years or so. I feel that I'm in a position to help others find their path, regardless of whatever answers they are looking for. So I asked Evan, "How do you manage conflict, do you get angry, if so, how often in a day?" He looked surprised and stunned for a moment. Like he was found out like a school boy who had been caught playing truant. What ensued confirmed my suspicion that he was indeed having issues dealing with anger at work, and perhaps that anger spilling over at home too.

We talked for a good 20 minutes after. He too agreed that he was getting angry and annoyed over the work phone calls, and surprisingly enough, inducing a Pavlov-like conditioned fear of answering his phone at work or after. Anger and fear had tied in. Did him in at night resulting in disrupted sleep, with not much of quality resting time for the mind and body. Hence, leading him to see the world at a slightly more pessimistic angle. The brain cannot function properly with lack of sleep, or without quality rest. Hormone levels decrease, putting the body in a state of high acidity causing depression, obstructed circulation and weight gain among other unpleasant side effects. It really broke my heart to speak to him about his pent up anger, as I think it broke his heart too to acknowledge it, as I could have sworn I saw him tear up(but he held it in like he felt was needed) as we spoke. My whole heart went out to him, and I truly wanted to help him, however way I could.

I told him, when we get angry, we lose ourselves. But if we watch our anger, it disappears just like that. No magic or sorcery involved. As a teacher, we have got to truly want to serve our students, as long as it does not damage ourselves. And I knew, Evan needed help. Everyone needs help from time to time. I find nowadays people don't take the time to care about others, as we are too busy taking care of ourselves. Where is the universal love in that? Where is the OM in our day? Who are we if we do not reach out to our fellow men, seeing that they need help? Do we turn a blind eye? I have come across many a time yoga teachers so called teaching yoga but treating it like a perfunctory cardio class and no more. I am appalled at how the gall some people have to call themselves yoga teachers. Especially remains true for fresh out the mill yoga teachers, who only think about how they perform(what super yogi advanced poses they can hold and how fancy it looks) instead of the welfare of their students. That's what teaching means to me. To give yourself to students, as a stepping stone along the path they are looking for, or to keep them on the right track, to reassure them that they are doing well, or could use to reflection time upon their quality of life. If one is to be called a yoga teacher, you have to be ready, available and truly want to give to your students, its not about the teacher, and never will be. That is what I call a teacher indeed, someone who inspires, gives people hope, teaches students to love themselves, and to accept or change whatever comes their way, knowing that they will be only given what they can handle by the big guy up there.

I could see by the end of our little heart to heart talk with Evan, I could see a part of him had softened and melted knowing that someone out there cared and wanted him to experience a better quality of life, and was able to give him hope that things could be turned around, if, and only if he decided to make the change, by watching how he responded to life, instead of reacting. He told me that he would feel his blood boil to his face, and he would mouth off to his colleagues or anyone who would listen to his rant. I said to him, now you are reacting. Its time to respond, to watch your anger as it rises, as quickly as it does, it will disappear. But Evan has to do the work. I can't do it for him. He has to become the watcher, not the person who does. Only to watch. He can still go about his work, but he has to be aware. With awareness comes relaxation.

We left the room, knowing that he had also indirectly taught me a lesson in forgiveness in my own life, and letting go of anger is crucial to one's spiritual growth and health. Whereas I hope Evan went home knowing that he has the ability to respond in life, instead of his bursting reactions, so that in turn he may be fully present to experience his life and moments as a loving father, supportive husband and a happy worker at his company.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Random Access Memory

Clever use of Daft Punk's album title for my blog post isn't it. No, I'm not a fan of their music. But my blog today has something to do with memory. I'm always a huge fan of word play, it makes my day more interesting. And so that you don't fall asleep reading this, assuming you do read this blog.
I have been absent from writing, only due to me gathering my thoughts as I have embarked on the journey of self discovery and introspection. Yoga  would call it turning your focus inwards also known in Sanskirt as Pratyahara. But today's post is a more personal side of me.

As a student of psychology, I have learnt that people have creative thoughts or inspirations in 3 places. In the context of the 3 Bs, Bath, Bed and Bus. I had mine in the bath. I was using my Perlier Lily of the Valley shower gel which I adore and already had John Frieda conditioner sitting in my hair as a treatment. And I think the combination of the two smells triggered a long forgotten memory. A random memory at that too. But we never forget smells. The amygdala in the seat of the brain is responsible for memories, smells and emotions. It was awakened. The lemony fizzy smell had  evoked a memory from my childhood. The memory I had was when I  was about 2 or 3 maybe, in Tokyo in our apartment bathroom. I could see my chubby legs and toes, and I know I was butt naked watching the fizz in my bathtub fizzle and emit the lemony carbonated scent as it made the water cloudy and I was fascinated by this sight, always have been. There was even a tinge of orange scent too. Japanese are so great making such simple things a novelty. Bear in mind it's around the year 1987. I would dip my fingers in the tub to  swirl the cloudy water before getting into the hot tub. What fascinates me as I relive the memory is that I can remember the very comforting heat coming from the hot water in the tub and the temperature of the bathroom obviously, combined with this fizzy lemony scent.

I feel like my subconscious opened up another gateway to me, to reveal itself. To teach me something from my past experience. But I  wondered as I stepped out of the bath all cleaned, what did it mean? Why did my inner self choose to reveal it now? I always feel like when the body or mind shows us something, its a sign for us to work on a part of us which has been hidden for whatever reasons. The trick is to not be afraid to uncover the truth or the deeper message of the memory. If we are prepared to do that, then I think half the work is done. I find a deep calm and contentment from just letting the memory float across my minds eye and then allowing myself to unravel the gift embedded within this memory. Yoga has given me the tools to access(not a typo here) myself courageously and to be fully aware of the moments in my life.

My question to you is, are you pushing away precious memories(pleasant and unpleasant) which are poised to help you transform and transcend?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nirmaya closed 24th Dec and 31st Dec 2012

Dear Nirmayans,

The studio will be closed for 2 consecutive Mondays, the 24th and 31st Dec 2012. So I would like to make Saturday classes 29th Dec 2012  and 5 Jan 2013 both 90 min classes.

Happy Holidays, stay safe and don't overeat during the festive season!

Warm regards and Namaste!

Michelle Quah

Friday, December 30, 2011

Nirmaya Closed 1st Jan 2012

Dear Nirmayans,

We will be closed on 1st Jan 2012. We resume 2nd Jan 2012. Hope to see all of you back at Nirmaya Yoga then! 31st December 2011 Saturday class as usual. :)


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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lululemon Athletica - The Best Yoga Wear I Swear by

Dear Nirmayans,

I'm bringing in Lululemon Athletica, which makes excellent yoga and exercise wear. I will be the pioneer in Penang to do so. I am offering it to my students first, as I myself am a huge fan of Lululmeon yoga wear, I wear it everyday to teach classes, so you can say it is instructor tested. My favourites are the deep breathe tank and Groove signature pants. These apparel run higher than Nike or even Adidas, but offers up to 20 times more performance than you'll ever get out of them. I have worn my Lululemon pants for the past 3 years and they still look new, I love these pants because they lift my butt, makes my thighs look toned, holds in tummy without constricting breathing and makes me feel like superwoman. And I teach the least 14 classes a week in Lululemon. My deep breathe tank keeps my girls up and the Luon fabric keeps me cool, hides bulges and smooths down to give me a sleeker look, it is also made of anti-stink/anti-odour material. I swear by Lululemon, trust me once you've tried Lululemon, you'll wonder why you bothered with Nike or Adidas. 

I thought you might want to have a look at it,
(Tops will run about 250- 280, pants will run you up from 370-400, depending on design after shipping charges and tax, will quote upon placing of order) The pants will last you about 5 years easy, so do the tops while still looking new.
I even wear my Lululemons out and about after class to do groceries or meet friends for coffee without having to bother if I stink from class, IT IS performance wear at it's finest. I cannot say enough good things about Lululemon.

FEEL FREE TO BROWSE THROUGH THE WIDE RANGE OF APPARELS AND if you'd like to order , let me know which colour and size(if not sure on sizing, I can help). I'm putting through my compiled orders soon, to save on shipping costs. SO IF THERE'S ANYTHING THAT INTERESTS YOU OR ANY ITEMS WHICH YOU WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE, Please let me know within these 3 days. 

Warmest regards,

Monday, September 26, 2011

BYOM (Bring/Buy Your Own Mats)

Dear Nirmayans and new yogis from I Love Discounts,

I would like to again encourage all of you to have your own mats, due to hygiene issues. For a limited time, I'm have 4 new mats for sale at Nirmaya for a special price of RM65. It's a standard mat, non waxy with good enough traction, boasting 6mm thickness, just nice for Nirmaya Yoga practice. It comes in a few shades of green and one grey.

Otherwise if sold out, you would need to get a standard mat from Fitness Concept(the grey colour one is a very good one) from either Gurney or Queensbay's outlet. That retails for RM69.

Please message me if you'd like to reserve to buy one of the mats from Nirmaya and this applies to a first come, first serve basis.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

We're on I Love Discounts again!

Buy now, don't wait till the time runs out!

Looking forward to having new faces at Nirmaya Yoga. :)

Love and Light,


Monday, September 5, 2011

Acroyoga weekend at Nirmaya!!!!!

What is Acroyoga?

Acroyoga is a form of yoga which combines yoga, thai massage, and acrobatics. It cultivates trust, connection and playfulness among friends, family, lovers, best friend and even complete strangers. Acroyoga celebrates mutual support of and from others and realization of the divine.

Who can practice Acroyoga?

Anyone who is generally fit, if you have some form of yoga background will be great, but if you don't, all you need is an open heart and mind to begin the flying and healing benefits welcome you to a whole new perspective of yourself and of others. 

When is the Acroyoga jam session?

10th Sept 2011, Saturday 8am-10.30am, a minimal fee of RM50 is incurred for this jam session.

Where will the Acroyoga jam session be?

Nirmaya Yoga, 8 Kennedy Road, 11600 Penang. My contact is 016 4911 685, drop me a line if you need directions.

What do I need to know before joining in the Acroyoga jam session?

Not much, actually. Just bring your sense of adventure, fun and surrender to the new experience of Acroyoga. :)

Who is leading the Acroyoga jam session?

Marc Bauchet, from France who is certified Acroyoga instructor who is in Malaysia for a limited time.

Why do Acroyoga?

Because it will change your life. If you are a regular yoga practitioner, it will enrich and enhance your personal and individual practice.

How to get to know more Acroyogis in Penang?

Come for our pot luck at Nirmaya Yoga, 8 Kennedy Road on Friday, 9th Sept 2011 at 7pm, there will be a pre-acroyoga jam session to kick start the weekend. So bring food, and dress in yoga wear. Don't worry, we have a good mix of total beginners and regular Acroyogis.
Please let me know what you'd like to bring for the pot luck if interested. I encourage all to attend.

Where do I get more info and photos to understand Acroyoga?    <===== the official Acroyoga webstie   <====== if you're on facebook, check out the two links below and click the RSVP

Please email me or sms me to let me know your RSVP to this event, if interested. Thank you so much. :)

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Love and light,

Friday, July 29, 2011


Dear newly joined Nirmayans, or those interested in joining, pls feel free to buy your own mats from Fitness Concept which retails about RM70 for one. Try not to be tempted to buy mats from Tesco or Guardian as they are not as good and do not suit our usage of yoga here in Nirmaya. Hope this little tip helps. Also if you have just purchased your new mat, please wipe it down with a wet cloth and set to dry, this takes of the layer or wax, which only slips when you sweat on your mat. We wouldn't want people skidding off our mats, would we? It is a one time only wax  wipe off. To upkeep and clean your mat, you can purchase dettol wipes or dettol hand sanitizer to clean your mats and keep it clean and fresh.



Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Parking at Nirmaya Yoga

Dear Nirmayan Yogis,

As you all know, parking is first come first serve basis, and is limited to about 8- 9 cars maximum which come in first. So I would encourage the most of you to carpool or even take turns to carpool.

However, in the event that the parking in the compound is full already, please proceed to the corner house along Cheeseman Road, which is 2 Cheeseman Road, also Nirmaya yoga property, and park on the grass, or in front of the gate also is fine, so no worries. It's the house with 2 brown gates. The other option is to drive a little further down Kennedy Road, take a first left turn into Phillips road, where there is a roundabout playground open grassy area, feel free to park there, and walk a little to Nirmaya Yoga, a little pre-warm up before class. Try to refrain against parking along Kennedy Road, as this might provoke complaints from the neighbours, and cause unnecessary friction. Thank you for your understanding. :)

Lastly, do try your best to come on time for the classes. I am willing to wait about 5-8mins for late comers, however if any later, it would be slightly unfair to others already there, we all want maximum practice time, don't we? :)

See you all in class! :)

Warm regards and Namaste,

Michelle Quah 

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Away on the 24th and 25th July 2011

Dear Nirmayans,

This 24th n 25th July 2011, I will be away at University. No classes will be conducted on these dates. Replacement classes to follow.

To those who have purchased vouchers from ILD website, please make ring/text/email me before you drop in for class so I may prepare necessary items.

Thank you and Namaste!
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We're on I Love Discounts!

Dear Yogis everywhere and Nirmayan Yogis, we are on I Love Discounts for the latest promotion by Nirmaya Yoga.

Have a great week ahead.

Pls call me at 0164911685 to confirm your attendance for class, those who have bought the vouchers from I Love Discounts! website.

Love n Light,

Michelle Q

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Let's Fly!

Dear Nirmayans,

Today we will learn the secrets to flight, including your lifting gear and your landing gear when practicing the sun salutions in Ashtanga inspired yoga.

I hope today's lesson will be beneficial to all and bring more light towards this myth of 'I'm too heavy, or I'm not strong enough' to fly.

Fly high.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yoga Trance Dance inspired by Shiva Rea workshop happening this 20th and 21st May. yoga trance dance is a meditative movement workshop on the 20th and the one on the 21st is for powerful flow alignment workshop called Tandava. Myself and sze ming are attending, and would like to invite all Nirmayans to join in too. :) The sign up is by 15th, please let me know if you're interested. Here is some video clip i found on yoga trance dance, a form of liberation dance to enable the body to move free, it is a matless experience. I encourage all of you to join, it will be our firsts. Do not feel intimidated even if you're a beginner, this workshop has no prerequisite and encourages yogis on all levels. :)

And for those of you who have FB, this is the workshop link.

Note: 21st May, beginners class cancelled, replacement 22nd may 9.00am
Yoga Trance Dance
Friday 20/5/2011 (8-930pm) @ RM45/session
Created by Shiva Rea, this is experience in the mat-less universe using music as a guide. We move thru space effortlessly - rolling, spiralling & flowing as one & opening to Yoga in a new way. No experience in ance necessary as we are all born knowing how to move.

Lasya Tandava workshop
Saturday 21/5/2011 (930am-12.30pm) @ RM120/session

Experience Lasya (softness) & Tandava (power) in Flow Yoga. Taking time to align with a deeper awareness in our body as we soften & open, expand & empower, creating correct foundations so we can melt into the moment & flow down the river of asana bliss!

Lasya: The gentle & graceful movements of Lasya with its feminine & fluid energy represent the soft & tender aspects of existence.

Tandava: The vigorous & powerful movements of Tandava symbolise the cosmic cycles of creation & destruction, as well as the daily rhythms of birth & death. During this workshop we explore the many layers and elements which make Yoga whole, from standing in Tadasna/ Mountain pose, which enables us to feel space and lengthening in the spine to inverting the body and standing on our hands with a calm and clear mind. Students are encouraged to draw upon their own life experiences and work with their own softness and power during this workshop.

Register & pay before 15 May 2011

Both Trance Dance & WOrkshop at RM130
Workshop only RM100.

I hope to see you all back at Nirmaya very soon!


Monday, May 9, 2011

New Class structure and Fees

Dear Nirmayans,

As of June 2011, there will be a restructure of classes and fees, please stay tuned.

Michelle Q
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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My philosophy and teaching style (part 11)

It’s extremely rewarding for me, when I see my students being able to breath correctly , and experience the prana of their practice, holding the posture comfortable and steady, both values of which are prescribed by Patanjali. I know at the moment in Penang, most yoga practitioners are so obsessed with how a pose should look, how far one can touch their toes to their head, how high they can lift their legs, get totally sidetracked with the mere aesthetics of poses, rather than feeling the energy and the silent point of their practice. The deep connection formed with the breath, when movement merges into breath, breath into movement, when the movement pauses, so does the breath, and when the breath moves again, so does the movement. That is the principle of vinyasa. The tricky part is to see them as one. Breath and movement. I cringe when I see people ‘Doing’ yoga rather than ‘Being’ yoga. I feel like telling them, that there’s so much more to yoga than just a physical workout. Yoga is the start of internal work. Lame men think that when you breath, only the areas in the chest rise and fall, but little do they realize that even the deeply intricate muscles in the pelvic floor are connected to your breathing. Even the skull expands slightly with your inhalation. Breathing is a FULL BODY EXPERIENCE.

A student of mine, Ernest, asked me what is the real purpose we do yoga? I asked him if he wanted the yoga truth or superficial answers. So I ended up telling him that yoga is actually teaching us the art of dying. Wait, let me reassure those of you reading not to navigate away from this blog just yet. It’s not morbid. Yoga is not morbid, in fact yoga teaches us how to live, so we can die in the most graceful way. A dying person will fight, fighting what is certain and imminent, yet a dying yogi would be meditating on AUM, which would be most appropriate, it is said that the atma(soul) will merge with pure consciousness and not be reborn. Yoga teaches us to live in the moment, as the saying goes, the present is a gift. We live life often not to the fullest, but yoga teaches us to be in totality with the moment itself, to be fully conscious of the moment, and not seek out anything more. I mean sure, yoga won’t make you a rich man, but yoga will give you the greatest wealth of spirituality. We suffer from creating attachments, and we are attached to attachments, we don’t know how to live without them, and yet everybody says they want to be happy, this is not possible. What makes us happy, equally makes us sad, have you ever noticed? Because it is an exterior stimuli, thus anything exterior is “not real” and therefore can be taken away. Everybody is so afraid with death, but death is always with us, it is within our breath, the moment we were born, death was also part of it. Birth and death are no two separate things, if you notice the pauses between the breath, there is a calm, dead, quiet silence, where you “die” for a second or so, where there is no breath in the body, and we are merged with our higher self. Each breath we take is a risk, we actually don’t know if the breath will come back each time we exhale. Life ends with an exhale, and begins with an inhale. So death is within us, not something exterior. It is said in the yoga scriptures, that everyone is born with a predetermined number of breaths in this lifetime, and so not to exhaust that number too quickly, we slow down our breath, pray, we may live longer on earth.

A wise old woman once told me that the relaxed state is the most beautiful state of all, but do not let these words imprint the thought of wanting to be beautiful, that is not the focus. The most relaxed state brings out the most natural side of us, and what is organic, is at in its purest form. I have a friend who always is uptight, and very edgy. But one day, I was fortunate enough to catch this friend of mine at the reflexology centre and had his head laid back on the comfy massage chair, he was resting, the deeply relaxed kind, I had never seen him wear ‘natural’ before, at that moment, only did I see a pure natural side to him I had never seen before previously, I wish I didn’t have to put a definition to what I saw, but for understanding purpose, I was moved by such ‘beauty’. I saw an innocent child in that seat, for that split second. For that moment, he had no barriers up, he was like a hollow bamboo allowing purity to flow right through him. I really wish I didn’t have to define that moment, because anything with a definition becomes “ugly”. It loses its original value. Osho teaches one such type of inner relaxation technique; to simply sit quietly, and allow the lower jaw to hang softly open, and breath a shallow breath throw the mouth, I tried this, and what I noticed is the that upper palate of the mouth will lift up towards the cranium, and thus creating a blissful effect, a centering energy as it lifts towards the crown of the head. It somewhat resembles the Shambavi mudra in yoga.

That's all for now,

Light and love, namaste.

Michelle Q

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Head over to a table at the Gratitude cafe - Thanksgiving 2008

Today is my first day back to my practice after 10 days, I had over strained my back and hips, not from doing yoga just for the record, it was from the other physically demanding exercise I recently delved into. My injury reminds me not to take my body for granted because in those 10 days of recovery, I was in such agony just to move around. I apologize for the one class I had to cancel, because there was no way I could go through a class without heading for some chiropractic treatment.

It reminded me that every single movement begins with the hips, exactly the same way you would want a car to turn, you have to turn the wheel first in that direction, but first you have to willingly turn the steering wheel. And for those long 10 agonizing days or so, my "steering wheel" had problems turning. Excuse my analogy, but I think it's a simple way to put how the body moves. I could barely squat because the pain went straight to my sacro-illiac joint and picking up things was the same case, climbing in and out of bed I had to use arm strength to support my body instead of swinging my hips off the bed as usual. I mainly had to rely on arm strength to move around and get things done. Even sitting became a problem. Even now, there are slight murmurs of discomfort in my lumbar area, but much better than in the beginning. I'm not asking for empathy but merely reminding you to be grateful for a healthy body and never take your abilities or priviledges for granted. Easier said than done, but try.

This Thanksgiving, be thankful for all that you have, accepting the blessings you have, not hankering for things/goals you don't have. Just be thankful, be filled with gratitude for all that is bestowed upon you. Eminate love and send it out the world this Thanksgiving.

Love and light,

Michelle Q