Mat Tips and Pointers

Well, please wear something body fitting, not loose t shirts. Feel free to wear sports tanks and yoga pants. You want to feel good and look good doing yoga, not like you just woke up from bed to do a few stretches.

Also, if you do not have a mat, please get one from Fitness Concept retailing for RM79.90. This mat is fine for beginners. When you advance in your practice, you may want to buy the more professional mats.

Here at Nirmaya, almost 90% of my students buy and use Manduka Pro Lite mats. They cost RM395  but come with a lifetime warranty. Some of you who come with super moist sweaty hands, can indulge in a Manduka Super Lite which retails for  RM220.

Other yoga props such as yoga straps and yoga blocks are available for order, straps are RM15 and blocks are RM25 each.

We are also huge fans of the yoga wear Lululemon Atheletica which fits like second skin. Although feel free to wear your fav sports outfit you feel comfortable in. You are able to order them online at under the Malaysian site. Try the "we made too much" page for cheaper purchases.