Thursday, November 27, 2008

Head over to a table at the Gratitude cafe - Thanksgiving 2008

Today is my first day back to my practice after 10 days, I had over strained my back and hips, not from doing yoga just for the record, it was from the other physically demanding exercise I recently delved into. My injury reminds me not to take my body for granted because in those 10 days of recovery, I was in such agony just to move around. I apologize for the one class I had to cancel, because there was no way I could go through a class without heading for some chiropractic treatment.

It reminded me that every single movement begins with the hips, exactly the same way you would want a car to turn, you have to turn the wheel first in that direction, but first you have to willingly turn the steering wheel. And for those long 10 agonizing days or so, my "steering wheel" had problems turning. Excuse my analogy, but I think it's a simple way to put how the body moves. I could barely squat because the pain went straight to my sacro-illiac joint and picking up things was the same case, climbing in and out of bed I had to use arm strength to support my body instead of swinging my hips off the bed as usual. I mainly had to rely on arm strength to move around and get things done. Even sitting became a problem. Even now, there are slight murmurs of discomfort in my lumbar area, but much better than in the beginning. I'm not asking for empathy but merely reminding you to be grateful for a healthy body and never take your abilities or priviledges for granted. Easier said than done, but try.

This Thanksgiving, be thankful for all that you have, accepting the blessings you have, not hankering for things/goals you don't have. Just be thankful, be filled with gratitude for all that is bestowed upon you. Eminate love and send it out the world this Thanksgiving.

Love and light,

Michelle Q