Friday, July 29, 2011


Dear newly joined Nirmayans, or those interested in joining, pls feel free to buy your own mats from Fitness Concept which retails about RM70 for one. Try not to be tempted to buy mats from Tesco or Guardian as they are not as good and do not suit our usage of yoga here in Nirmaya. Hope this little tip helps. Also if you have just purchased your new mat, please wipe it down with a wet cloth and set to dry, this takes of the layer or wax, which only slips when you sweat on your mat. We wouldn't want people skidding off our mats, would we? It is a one time only wax  wipe off. To upkeep and clean your mat, you can purchase dettol wipes or dettol hand sanitizer to clean your mats and keep it clean and fresh.