Monday, September 26, 2011

BYOM (Bring/Buy Your Own Mats)

Dear Nirmayans and new yogis from I Love Discounts,

I would like to again encourage all of you to have your own mats, due to hygiene issues. For a limited time, I'm have 4 new mats for sale at Nirmaya for a special price of RM65. It's a standard mat, non waxy with good enough traction, boasting 6mm thickness, just nice for Nirmaya Yoga practice. It comes in a few shades of green and one grey.

Otherwise if sold out, you would need to get a standard mat from Fitness Concept(the grey colour one is a very good one) from either Gurney or Queensbay's outlet. That retails for RM69.

Please message me if you'd like to reserve to buy one of the mats from Nirmaya and this applies to a first come, first serve basis.